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Our standard packs of Organic Fertilizer like Organic Fertilizer Granular, Black Organic Fertilizer Granular and lot more comes with a surety of quality.

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About Us

Just like humans require water and food for survival, crops require fertilizers for growth. Fertilizers are essential for all types of crops as these majorly support growth by making the soil fertile. Adding a fine layer of fertilizer to crops does the job of plants growth. The importance of fertilizers is growing with the wants of customers on a global level. To meet the requirements of clients pertaining to cost-effective fertilizers, the plant nutrition and protection department of  Angelyeast Co.,Ltd. was started in 2011 and the brand Fubon was born.

Fubon is a China based fertilizer manufacturer and supplier. Fubon has for our globally present clients, 20 Kg Organic Fertilizer, 10 Kg Organic Fertilizer, Black Organic Fertilizer Granular and Organic Fertilizer Powder. Our fertilizers are organic so we assure our clients for their best working and cost-effectiveness. Our fertilizers possess required nutrients that grow crops steadily. The production of fertilizers perfectly takes place at our advanced unit of production. The production work is carried our very strictly and safely by our experts, who are well-versed with different methods of producing fertilizers.

Benefits of Our Organic Fertilizers

Fubon produces organic fertilizers by using yeast nutrient solution. Our highly effective fertilizers work steadily on different crops and result in a worthy investment. There are many benefits of our finely composed fertilizers, a few to name are as follows:

  • Provide Nutrients
    • Rich in NPK, trace element
  • Improve Soil Fertility
    • Contains organic matter, bio-fulvic acid
    • Improve organic matter of soil
    • Promote microbes growth of soil
  • Growth Promotion
    • Contains multiple Auximone, such as auxins, cytokinins, abscisic acid, gibberellins, salicylic acid, jasmonic acid.
  • Plant Stress Tolerance
    • Bio-fulvic acid, trehalose, betaine
    • Salt and Alkali Resistance
    • Cold Tolerance 
    • Drought Resistance
  • Improve Yield production
    • Improve fertilizer utilization and promote microbial growth
  • Improve plants quality
    • Comprehensive nutrition, large, medium and trade elements, amino acids.   

    Packaging Excellence

    A company like ours that is globally present and worldwide known, knows the importance of quality products formulation. So, as a part of quality retaining, we focus on packaging. The amount of efforts applied in packing Black Organic Fertilizer Granular, Organic Fertilizer Powder, etc., by our packaging team is incomparable to other companies because our packaging team strictly follows norms of international packaging and ensure safe delivery. For packaging of fertilizers in 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 25 Kg, 40 Kg and other standard quantities, we use PE bags as it supports shelf life of atleast 24months. Packed fertilizers are stored in ventilated place. Since quality bags are used in packaging, we suggest clients to use the same pack for storage after multiple uses.

    Primary Competitive Advantages

    • The world's third largest, Asia's largest yeast company
    • National key high-tech enterprises
    • Postdoctoral research station
    • CNAS National Accreditation Laboratory
    • Obtained organic certification from China and EU
    • The earliest enterprise in China to develop and produce yeast source organic fertilizer